100 Fundraising Ideas to Consider:

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs

$10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tubs: No upfront Cost. FREE Shipping. The best frozen cookie dough fundraiser around.
Yummy Licks Lollipop Fundraiser

Yummy Licks Lollipop Fundraiser

Yummy Licks Lollipops - FREE Shipping. 50% Profit. 1 Case Min. Best selling fundraising lollipops.
Earth Candle Fundraising

Earth Candle Fundraising

Earth Candles Fundraising - no upfront cost, 50% profit, free shipping.
Coffee Fundraiser and Tea

Coffee Fundraiser and Tea

No risk Coffee Fundraiser. Free promotional materials. 40% profit. Free shipping available.
Flower Bulb Fundraising

Flower Bulb Fundraising

High profit flower bulb fundraiser. No Upfront Cost. Free shipping. No Risk.
Dinner and Movie Card

Dinner and Movie Card

The Dinner and Movie Fundraising Card offers discounts are more than 100,000 restaurants. High profits. Free shipping.

Fundraising Ideas - 100 Different Options

1. Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Just about everyone loves freshly baked cookies. That's what makes cookie dough fundraisers such a good idea. There's no cost to start one.

2. Read-a-thon: If you're raising money for a school and can get the money you need monetizing a reading project it only seems natural that you would consider a read-a-thon as your primary fundraising idea.

3. Sell Candy Bars: Candy bars are easy to sell. Our top suggestion sells for a dollar each. You can sell them at the office, events or even to friends and neighbors. You can buy as little as one case at a time. Shipping is free. Everyone knows people who are willing to buy a few candy bars from them.

4. Yummy Licks Lollipops: Lollipops are possibly even more popular than candy bars when it comes to fundraising. They sell for half the price of a candy bar. You double your money on every lollipop you sell. You can buy one case at a time. There's lots of shapes and sizes available but these have been the top confection lollipop for years.

5. Online Donation Campaign: If you are an individual wanting to raise money for a specific cause you should consider one of the online donation websites. They allow you to build a webpage and then use their tools to reach out to people you know using email and social media and gather donations for your cause.

6. Sell Flower Bulbs: One of the new concepts in fundraising has been groups looking for greener fundraising ideas. Well there's nothing greener than selling flower bulbs. You can sell bulbs in the spring and there's another program for bulbs that plant in the fall. You make 50% profit. There's a wide selection of products with various price points. There's no cost to start this fundraiser since everything you need is provided.

7. Talent Show: Talent shows are great ways to attract people to an event. You can either charge admission to raise money or your can sell concessions to raise money.

8. Silent Auctions: Silent auctions work well if you can get items people would bid for. It's best if individuals or businesses donate items such as time shares, sports tickets or other valuables. The other essential part of silent auctions is they need to be tied to an event that will be well attended.

9. Partner with Local Restaurants: Lots of local restaurants have come to appreciate fundraising groups because the group can bring lots of traffic to the restaurant. The local business benefits from the traffic and they will pay your group a small percentage of the money spent the night of your fundraiser.

10. Raffle: Raffles have been around for a long time and are a great way to raise money. In order to be successful the item or items being raffled have to have a high implied value and be something people would be willing to spend a few dollars to gain a chance to win the prize.

11. School Carnival: When our kids were young their school's carnival was huge. It raised tens of thousands of dollars between the concessions, ticket sales and games of chance. The problem was the time to plan and need for a large number of volunteers. But if those are not obstacles then carnivals can be great revenue generators.

12. Holiday Shop: We see these at lots of schools. A company comes to your school or group and sets up a gift shop. Your kids can shop for gifts and other little items. The problem is that the school doesn't make a lot of money so although we offer this as a suggestion we are not convinced this is one of the better fundraising ideas.

13. Book Fair: As of right now Scholastic dominates this arena. That company is a large publisher and they come to your school and set up a book store. The students come and spend money on books and other items. Typically the book fair is put together by the librarian or media specialist and they earn a percentage of the sales. Personally we believe schools would be better off holding a read-a-thon because the focus is not on the students spending money but instead is the focus is on reading and you are given the tools to monetize that reading effort.

14. Walk-a-thon: Walk-a-thons are another great way to raise money. Members of your group get pledges from friends and family for each unit they walk.

15. Coffee Fundraiser: If you want to know how popular coffee is then just drive by a Starbucks in the morning and check out the long lines. Since there's such a large market for coffee why not consider selling bags of freshly roasted cossee.

16. Fundraising Candles: If you're searching for other products just about everyone buys then you should definitely consider selling candles. You'll find lots of different candle lines to fit different needs

17. Smencils: Smencils are one of the unique products that actually sell well. They are pencils made from recycled newspapers. They are also scented and come in little tubes. It's the kind of item kids love to own so it's great for elementary school aged kids and younger.

18. Home Delivery Cookie Dough: Have you thought about selling cookie dough but hated the idea of having to deliver the frozen tubs to your customers? Well this fundraiser allows you to sell e coupons that your customers use to purchase tubs of dough that are then sent directly to their home or office. No more deliveries!!

19. Money Savings Cards: Money Savings Cards are interesting. You sell them to people and it gives them membership to an online shopping site. When they shop there they earn cash back from the stores. They also find some coupons and deals. Since most people shop online these cards are pretty cool.

20. Journey of Faith Candles: We've suggested candles for fundraising already but these candles are worth special mention since they have been one of the top fundraisers for church groups for years and year. Each candle comes with a Bible verse and carries that scriptural theme throughout. If you're raising money for a church group you should definitely look at these.

21. Money Jar Fundraiser: Get the people in your group to each wrap paper around a glass jar and put the jar on their kitchen counter. Ask them to make a point to empty any change in their pockets or purses and put it in the jar. You can do it for a month or longer. When the event is done everyone turns in their jars and you've got your money.

22. Dog Biscuit Fundraiser: Why not look up a recipe for dog treats online and bake some dog discuits. If you have a fun cookie cutter use it. Then you can advertise your dog biscuit fundraiser. Maybe a local pet store or ASPCA will let you sell your biscuits in their parking lot or outside their door.

23. Sell Fruit Snacks: You might consider selling Welch's Fruit Snacks instead of candy. They sell their fruit snacks in convenient little bags. While you might not all them health food items they are certainly better for you than candy bars. In fact they are actually packed with vitamins.

24. Restaurant Fundraising Cards: These cards are offered by Restaurant.com. You essentially sell deeply discounted gift cards to their website where they can choose certificates for deep discounts and any of more than 18,000 restaurants nationwide.

25. Boxes of Preportioned Cookie Dough: If you want to sell cookie dough but want to be a little different consider switching from tubs to boxes that contain cookie sized pieces of dough. It makes it much simplier for someone to cook just the number of cookies they want and be a little different than all the people selling tubs.


So how do you choose the best fundraising ideas for your group?

We've designed our site to make it as easy as possible to find the best fundraiser for your group whether you start your search by researching specific products you want information on or whether you start with the list of suggestions we offer in our Fundraising Ideas by Group section.

However there are certain things you want to know before you start. You should have a good idea how many people will actually be participating in your fundraiser. There are some fundraising ideas that work better for larger groups and others that are designed for individuals and small groups.

You should know whether you have money to purchase fundraising products with. If you don't have money to spend in advance and you're not a public school you should probably eliminate categories like candy, discount cards and scratch cards.

Finally determine how much money you need to raise. Using that number see how many items you need to sell of any product that peaks your interest in order to raise the money you need.

Fundraising Ideas by Group Type

We believe the best way to find the right fundraiser for your group is to start in our Fundraising Ideas by Group section. Choose the group type you belong to and take a look at the fundraisers other similar groups have successfully used in the past. We appreciate your trust and hope we can help with all of your fundraising needs.

Here are the major group type categories:

School Fundraising Ideas

Sports Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising Ideas

Non Profit or Charitable Organization Fundraising Ideas

If you click on one of the above group categories you can then drill down to a more specific group type to get the best information available for your group and it's needs.

Fundraising Ideas by Product Type

If you have some idea of the type of fundraiser you are looking for you might consider looking at our product categories, We divided products into group types so you can easily compare similar options. Here are the major fundraising product categories:

Discount Card Fundraisers: Discount cards are the highest profit fundraising items available. They offer your supporters great value while earning you lots of money. Merchants and restaurants that participate reap new business. This is no longer a fundraising idea available only to large groups.

Candy Fundraising Ideas: Candy and lollipops have always been great fundraising products, Check this section for low priced items that are easy to sell.

No Upfront Cost Brochure Fundraisers: Brochure fundraisers are extremely popular for lots of reasons. They don't cost anything to try. The product selection like cookie dough, candles, coffee and flowers bulbs is terrific. If you're group needs to raise money but can't afford to purchase a product to sell then check out the options in this section.

Scratch Card Fundraisers: Scratch card fundraisers are fun ways to gather donations. Each card raises $100. You get people to scratch off 2 of the 50 dots with concealed dollar amounts ranging from $.50 to $3.00. You ask the person to donate the revealed amount of money and then give them a sheet of coupons as a thank you gift. There are 20 different designs available so any group type can take advantage of this high profit fundraiser.

Fundraising Ideas Blog

Class Fundraising Ideas for Teachers

When you work as a teacher at a local high school, you will notice that the school often needs a little help in the funding department. There are countless issues at the school that seem to come back time and time again for repairs, and the school’s budget seems to get eaten up along the way. If you want to do something positive to help bring some extra money to the school, and get everybody in your class involved in working together, then class fundraising could well be the answer.

Booster Club Fundraising Ideas for Parents

If you are the parent of a student attending a local high school, you will know that it is important that your son or daughter develops important extra-curricular interests besides their schoolwork. Having these interests helps them to develop essential social skills that can’t be found in the classroom and will help them to grow into a more well rounded person as they mature. That is why it is so important that schools have the funding to support these activities, whether it is an after-school volleyball team, or a school chess club that takes place during lunch hour.

Band Fundraising Ideas for High Schools

When you want to make a positive difference at your school, you may have decided that throwing a band fundraiser is a great solution. If you have had experience with fundraisers in the past then you should know that they are quick to set up, and are an effective way to raise money for your cause while also encouraging everybody involved to band together. That is if the fundraising event is planned correctly and everybody involved is given the motivation to carry the event through. If this is your first time organizing such an event, then don’t worry. There are a few simple things to consider before getting started, but as long as you think things over carefully, you will be making your first band fundraising ideas into an event to be remembered by everybody at the school.

Coming Up With Sports Team Fundraising Ideas

In high schools around the country, there are many sports teams for students to get involved with. With sports like football, basketball, lacrosse, softball, gymnastics, soccer, golf, wrestling, hockey, baseball, and volleyball, there are so many choices for students wanting to get involved in a physical activity. But schools are finding it difficult to pay for all of the constant upgrades to gear and equipment that needs to come out of the school budget. In fact, the budget often doesn’t have the funding that these teams require and so it may fall to others to come up with the funding themselves.

Different Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

If you are involved in competition cheer or on your school's cheerleading squad, there are many costs. Uniforms, travel expenses and other fees that add up very quickly.

A cheerleading fundraiser may be in your future. Here are some wonderful fundraising ideas for your squad.

1. Scratch card fundraising - An amazing high profit fundraiser, which helps you raise money very quickly if you are in a time crunch.

2. Candy bar fundraising - Great fall fundraiser, this needs to be held when it gets cooler, and can be a very successful fundraiser. Candy bars come in $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 values. 

3. Lollipop fundraising - Sport lollipops are fun when school starts up, helps promote the sports in your school as well raise money for you.

Different Cheerleader Fundraising Ideas

If you are involved in competition cheer or on your school's cheerleading squad, there are many costs. Uniforms, travel expenses and other fees that add up very quickly.

A cheerleading fundraiser may be in your future. Here are some wonderful fundraising ideas for your squad.

1. Scratch card fundraising - An amazing high profit fundraiser, which helps you raise money very quickly if you are in a time crunch.

2. Candy bar fundraising - Great fall fundraiser, this needs to be held when it gets cooler, and can be a very successful fundraiser. Candy bars come in $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 values. 

3. Lollipop fundraising - Sport lollipops are fun when school starts up, helps promote the sports in your school as well raise money for you.

The Best School Fundraising Ideas

The best school fundraising ideas are the ones that see everybody getting involved in a great cause for the school, and bring in a good amount of funding for school improvements. Ideally, they are also executed without any problems along the way and turn out exactly as you have planned, although in reality this is not always possible. As the organizer of such an event, it is your responsibility to make sure that the plan runs as smoothly as possible, and by keeping a few key things in mind, you will have no trouble achieving the best school fundraising ideas the school has ever seen.

The Best Catholic School Fundraising Ideas

Whether this is your first time holding a Catholic school fundraising event and you want a few ideas to get things rolling, or you’ve been holding a school fundraiser annually for the past few years and just want a few pointers, you will want to make sure that every part of your plan is dealt with correctly in order to pull off a truly successful event.

Quick and Easy Fundraising Ideas

Let's say that your school is in desperate need of some improvements. It may just be that your school's art department is in need of some new brushes and paint, or it could be something much larger and expensive like the school’s computer labs needing a complete renovation. Whatever your school’s needs, it is unlikely that the school budget will be able to pay for all of these upgrades right away. In fact, your school may never see these upgrades develop since every penny of the school’s budget is likely to already be taken up by general school maintenance. However, there is a solution to this problem, and that is by holding a school fundraiser. With a few quick and easy fundraising ideas, you will be able to bring in extra funding for your school in no time at all.

Smart and Easy Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

For a child attending elementary school, everything they experience in the classroom - from interactions with their teachers and other students to what kinds of books they read and the lessons they learn - will shape them into the adults they become later in life. If you are trying to think of some good elementary school fundraising ideas, why not do something fun and interesting that the children will remember for years afterwards. This may be the child’s first school fundraiser, and the experiences they take away from this event may give them some valuable lessons in themselves.

Fundraising Ideas for Workplace Success

If you have a large office full of people that you're managing and you want to come up with some strong fundraising ideas for workplace fundraisers, don't be discouraged by the idea of sending people out into neighborhoods or door to door.  Not all fundraisers work like that, and you can come up with some fundraising ideas where you make the best use of the energy inherent in teamwork.  In other words, if you can get everyone to work together rather than separately, or to spur each other on with some friendly competition via internal teams, you can make your fundraiser both fun and lucrative at the same time.

Fun and Romantic Fundraising Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that people have very strong feelings about, both negative and positive.  You can use this to your advantage by providing people with the best fundraising ideas for Valentine's Day that will help them with the difficult decisions about what to get for their loved ones on this special day.  You want to provide some ideas that are romantic, and others that are more fun and friendly, so that people have a choice of options and they can take the road they want to take.  The best fundraising ideas for Valentine's Day are the ones that take the guesswork out of the holiday, so you'll want to keep that in mind when looking at fundraisers.

Lucrative Fundraising Ideas for Sports

Sports teams are some of the most difficult groups to find adequate funding for.  It's not that people aren't enthusiastic about sports - on the contrary, one of the advantages of coming up with sports fundraising ideas is that people are more than willing to help out.  The challenge, of course, is that it can be very expensive to pay for everything that the team needs to keep going.  Uniforms are ridiculously expensive, as is equipment, travel expenses, and other essentials that the team has to have.  If you are trying to come up with appropriate fundraising ideas for sports, clearly the challenge is to find a fundraiser that has some chance of getting you to your financial goals.

Fundraising Ideas for Organizations Needing Extra Help

If you are trying to get some extra money together to help your organization keep its head above water, this couldn't be a more appropriate time for a fundraiser.  Fundraising ideas for organizations needing a little boost are everywhere, but knowing which sorts of fundraisers will work well for your group can be tricky.  There's a bit of planning you have to do in advance to get your ducks in a row before you start looking at fundraising ideas, but none of it is rocket science, and even if you've never led a fundraising effort before, with a little pre-planning you can get the job done more successfully than you ever imagined.

Expanding Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

It seems like running a nonprofit organization is a constant uphill battle.  There never seems to be enough money for the things that you need, and it's like you're in a never-ending cycle of struggling and fundraising and struggling and fundraising.  Things will probably not get better overnight if you're looking for nonprofit fundraising ideas that will help you get out of this rut, but if you start looking at ways to expand your fundraising into other avenues, and combining fundraising efforts where possible, you can create fundraisers that are a lot more lucrative than ones you've organized in the past.

Planning Fundraising Ideas for Kindergartens

Kindergartens go through money surprisingly quickly.  Young children use a lot of art supplies and toys, and with kids being kids, things get used up or broken at an alarming rate.  Equipment and supplies are always running short, always needing to be replaced. Kindergarten fundraisers are one way to cover the discrepancies between the money your kindergarten already has, and the money it needs to get everything that's necessary.  If you want to start fundraising the right way, you'll need a few things before you get started to help you organize the best fundraising ideas for kindergartens possible.

Planning Out Fundraising Ideas for Groups

Fundraising ideas for groups can be tricky, to say the least, and the bigger the group you have, the more complicated it gets.  It's impossible to make everyone happy all the time if you have a room full of people who all have different ideas about what a good fundraiser is, but if you handle the organizational aspects of your fundraiser in the most efficient way, you'll leave yourself some breathing room and you can open the discussion of what would suit your group best in terms of fundraising products or activities.  Coming up with fundraising ideas for groups with diverse personalities can be made a lot easier with strong management.

Alternative Fundraising Ideas for Girl Scouts

Everyone knows that the Girl Scouts have a built-in yearly fundraiser.  Girl Scout Cookies are known nation-wide and get a lot of exposure because it's one of the most popular fundraisers out there.  So what do you do if you've got a troop that needs some fundraising ideas for Girl Scouts at other times of the year, perhaps to buy some new supplies or to fund a field trip somewhere?  Cookies are a great fundraiser, but sometimes other fundraisers are needed, as well.  You can have a lot of fun coming up with fundraising ideas for Girl Scouts that really work well for your troop.

Fundraising Ideas for Daycares that Really Work

If you are in charge of the finances for a daycare center, you already know just how crazy things can get when it's time to pay the bills.  A lot of people, often including the parents of the children, are under the false impression that the fees the parents pay will cover everything that the daycare needs in terms of day-to-day running of the business.  While this would certainly be nice in a perfect world, usually the reality is more about surprise expenses that pop up, equipment and supplies that need replacing, and other miscellaneous things that come about to make life difficult.  Daycare fundraising ideas can help out with all the little extras that need to be paid for, or they can help your daycare toward a specific goal like a party or a trip.

Fun Fundraising Ideas for Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts troops may not be as far along in their scouting journey as the older kids, but Cub Scouts still have expenses, and therefore a need for fundraising.  One of the biggest issues with coming up with fundraising ideas for Cub Scouts is that for many troops, this will be the first time the kids have ever really dealt with fundraising, and they're not really old enough or experienced enough to do it on their own.  This means that your first task with Cub Scouts fundraising is to get the parents on your side, as a lot of the fundraising burden will be on them.

Individual Fundraising Ideas for College

If you're working on some sort of extracurricular activity or some other college project that requires money you don't have, don't despair - a lot of college students come up with fundraising ideas for college projects to help them reach their goals.  It's not difficult to come up with good fundraising ideas for college, but you do have to be willing to put in quite a lot of personal effort, especially if it's just you raising money on your own.  Nonetheless, no matter what your financial goals, you can just keep plugging away at your college fundraiser until you get the money you need.  Some fundraisers, however, will be better suited for you than others.

Appropriate Fundraising Ideas for Cancer Patients

Such a high percentage of people have had their lives touched by the effects of cancer, there's hardly anyone out there who doesn't know someone or have someone in their family who has suffered from the disease.  While this is not a very promising trend, the up side is that people are more than happy to help out when it comes time to do some fundraising ideas for cancer patients.  If you have someone in particular that you are raising money on behalf of, fundraising becomes a labor of love, and your chances of success are elevated no matter which cancer fundraising ideas you choose.

Classic Fundraising Ideas for Cheerleaders

If you have a cheerleader in your family, then I don't have to tell you about all the expenses involved with cheerleading.  Of course it's a great idea to encourage students to get involved with sports as much as possible, and cheerleading is a great sport in that it combines physical fitness with school spirit, but cheerleading is hardly the least expensive sport out there.  There's always at least one uniform to have made, and sometimes more than one, not to mention travel expenses, shoes, accessories, and whatever else.  If you are looking for some  cheerleader fundraising ideas that will keep your squad going strong, you'll need something both fun and effective.

Consistently Strong Fundraising Ideas for Charities

Coming up with fundraising ideas for charities isn't the hard part of charity fundraising.  The hard part is getting your fundraising team started off on the right foot, and keeping everything organized and running smoothly.  A lot of organizers, especially those who have not done any serious fundraising before, underestimate just how much preparation they should do before even looking into fundraising ideas for charities.  People don't even realize how out of control a large fundraising effort can get, but suffice it to say that the more work you do ahead of time, the easier a fundraiser you will have, and the more money you will raise.  As a bonus, you'll also get to keep your sanity!

Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness

Fundraising ideas for breast cancer awareness have been around for so long and are so ubiquitous that you may wonder how you can make your fundraiser stand out from the rest.  The truth is, though, that breast cancer awareness is one of the most popular breast cancer fundraising efforts out there, and supporters will always want to give a little bit more if they can.  So it's up to you, when leading your fundraising effort, simply to create opportunities for your supporters to come forward and help you out.  This is the goal when you are coming up with fundraising ideas for breast cancer awareness.

Fundraising Ideas for Basketball Team Success

Your high school's basketball team is probably not in the best financial state at the moment.  School district budget cuts and a slow economy have contributed to the decline of sports teams across the country.  In order to keep up the standard of play that the team is used to, you must rely heavily on basketball fundraising in order to succeed.  The good news is, we have all kinds of great fundraising ideas for basketball team success, including some old classics, some new favorites, and some ideas you may not have ever considered before.  

Coming Up with Fundraising Ideas for Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects families from all walks of life, all over the country.  Chances are you have someone in your family, or know someone, who has suffered from breast cancer.  While treatments are constantly improving, the need for research is always there, and that means the need for fundraising is always there.  Coming up with breast cancer fundraising ideas isn't difficult, but you do need to take into consideration your specific goals, how much money you hope to donate to cancer research, and how much effort you can put in.  Aiming for a specific target is the best way to construct fundraising ideas for breast cancer that really work.

Fundraising Ideas for Basketball Team Success

Your high school's basketball team is probably not in the best financial state at the moment.  School district budget cuts and a slow economy have contributed to the decline of sports teams across the country.  In order to keep up the standard of play that the team is used to, you must rely heavily on basketball fundraising in order to succeed.  The good news is, we have all kinds of great fundraising ideas for basketball team success, including some old classics, some new favorites, and some ideas you may not have ever considered before.  

Fundraising Ideas College Clubs Can Use

If you're in charge of running this year's fundraising effort for your college club, you might already feel like you're fighting an uphill battle.  Colleges across the country are struggling these days with financial difficulties, and clubs in particular rarely get any help from the college itself.  So that means it's up to you almost entirely to find some fundraising ideas college clubs can use to keep themselves afloat, so your club can survive another year and be able to do all the things you're accustomed to.  There are many fundraising ideas college clubs can try - the ones that will work for you are the ones that fit with your monetary goals and target market.

Hosting a Fundraising Ideas Bake Sale

If you're looking for fun and effective fundraising ideas, bake sale ideas can be some of the best ones out there.  A bake sale is a great way to get everyone on your fundraising team involved in the fundraising effort, and people always love to show off their best family recipes.  A bake sale is also good for keeping profit margins high, as people donate their baked goods at no cost to the organization, and the organization keeps all the profits.  All in all, in terms of fundraising ideas, bake sale fundraisers can be great little earners for any kind of school, club, non-profit, or other organization.

Having the Right Attitude for Fundraising Ideas

Most people think that the main key to fundraising is coming up with the right fundraising ideas.  Sure, having a good product or service that your supporters really want is certainly important, and you don't want to ignore the process of choosing the right idea.  But even more important than having the "right" fundraising ideas is what you bring to the table before you even start: your attitude.  All the good products in the world won't mean a thing if your fundraising team is disorganized or unhappy because of poor management style.

Fun Easy Fundraising Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

The ironic part of raising money is that it often costs more money than you have at your disposal.  When your school, club, or organization is struggling to make ends meet, the last thing you want to do is shell out more cash for fundraising products, especially since you have no way of knowing whether or not your ideas will even work.  Fundraising without any startup capital can be frustrating, but we have a range of fun, easy fundraising ideas that you can try at no risk to you, and with no money upfront.  They're called pre sale fundraisers and they can really improve your chances of fundraising success.

Fun and Easy Fundraising Ideas for Young Children

You know what they say: never work with animals or kids.  Well, whoever "they" are, they obviously never ran a fundraiser, because working with children on some fun and easy fundraising ideas is a great way to maximize your profits.  Sure, there are some challenges to working with kids, especially those who are very young and have not yet had their first fundraising experience, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and if you choose some fun and easy fundraising ideas for them to get started with, working with kids can be a snap.

Coming Up with Foundation Fundraising Ideas

If you are trying to raise money for your charitable foundation, you probably already know that you face an uphill battle.  Raising money is never easy, but in this economy it's harder than ever.  Coming up with foundation fundraising ideas that still do the trick is a challenge, but it can be done with the right combination of elements.  Basically you need to consider what your supporters are most likely to respond to, what your fundraising team can do in terms of time investment and effort, and then you need some good foundation fundraising ideas to get you started.

Football Team Fundraising Ideas for Your School

If you have a student in your household who plays on the school football team, I don't need to explain to you the expenses that are involved with that.  The uniforms alone cost a fortune, not to mention the safety equipment, other apparatus, and of course travel expenses.  There one was a time when the school budget could cover all of these things, but these days football team fundraising ideas are a necessary reality for most school teams.  If you are in change of coming up with the football team fundraising ideas this year you might feel anxious or overwhelmed, but it'l really not that difficult if you start out with good preparation.

Eco Friendly Fundraising Ideas to Help the Earth

Pretty much everyone is getting into the green movement these days at one level or another, even if it's just buying a few eco friendly products here and there to help the earth in some small way.  Eco friendly fundraising ideas are a great way to take advantage of the public's desire for environmentally conscious products that are good for the home and good for the earth.  This trend toward "going green" is not only good for the environment, it can mean great things for your fundraising prospects if you were hoping to come up with some eco friendly fundraising ideas to help your group reach its goals.

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Small Groups

Large groups already have so many built-in advantages when it comes to making money through fundraising.  They have the increased selling power of a big fundraising team, and as well they have the ability to lean on each other when the going gets tough.  Also, if you have a big group and some people aren't available for fundraising efforts on certain days, it's no big deal.  But if you are trying to come up with easy fundraising ideas for small groups, you have to take all these things into account.  It's not that it's harder to fundraise without a lot of people - you just have to prepare and plan a little bit differently.

Eagle Scout Fundraising Ideas for Your Troop

There was a time when Eagle Scout fundraising ideas weren't all that necessary.  Times were a little easier and the money always seemed to come from somewhere for things like supplies and travel expenses.  These days, coming up with good Eagle Scout fundraising ideas is essential if you want your troop to be able to do all the things they set out to do at the beginning of the year.  There are all kinds of fundraising ideas out there and you've probably heard about most of them already, if you haven't even tried quite a few of them yourself.  So for this year's fundraising effort, how are you going to come up with the best Eagle Scout fundraising ideas  to take your troop even further than before?

DIY Fundraising Ideas for Your Personal Fundraising Needs

Fundraising can be easy if you're working with a team of experienced fundraisers, people who do this all the time and know exactly how to get it done.  You see these huge teams of people all working together and they make it look so effortless, like it's nothing at all to just get out there and raise all the money you'd ever need for anything.  But what if you're just on your own, looking for some DIY fundraising ideas?  Successful fundraising isn't always about having the most people or the most experience.  Simply bringing your passion and enthusiasm to the table can be all that's needed, and when you combine that with some great DIY fundraising ideas, you're good to go.

Classroom Fundraising Ideas for Young Children

If you are in charge of a group of young school kids who need to raise some money for classroom supplies, equipment, or travel expenses, this can be both a daunting and an exciting task.  School children have a natural enthusiasm that's infectious, which in many ways makes them ideal salespeople.  On the other hand, for many young students this will be their first experience with fundraising, which means it's up to you to come up with appropriate classroom fundraising ideas, and to keep things simple enough that everyone involved will understand how it works.

Powerful Church Building Fundraising Ideas

The expansion of your church can be a mixed blessing.  On the one hand, it's glorious to witness more and more people coming to church and making it stronger with each passing day.  On the other hand, a larger church means you have a greater need for appropriate facilities, and if your current church building is just too small for your growing congregation's needs, then you will need to come up with a way to finance a newer, larger building.  Some churches have those kind of resources at hand, and that's great, but for most of us, a new church building means having to come up with some effective church building fundraising ideas to get the ball rolling.

Festive Christmas Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Christmas is a wonderful time for school fundraising.  People are in a festive, generous mood, they need gifts for everyone on their list, and they're also thinking about the coming year and everything that will bring.  This is a perfect time for you to start thinking about some Christmas fundraising ideas for schools that will help you reach your monetary goals for the upcoming calendar year.  While any fundraiser can do well at this time of year, we've singled out a few that work particularly well during the holiday season, and we have the best Christmas fundraising ideas for schools to get you to your target.

Christian Youth Fundraising Ideas to Help Your Youth Group

Church youth groups face some tough challenges these days.  It's more difficult now than it was when we were in youth group to get the public to respond to the needs of Christian youth fundraising, and of course all the activities that the youth group wants to do are so much more involved and expensive than they were when we were kids.  Nonetheless, there's no reason to feel discouraged - there are still plenty of great Christian youth fundraising ideas out there that will help the youth group get to their financial goals and have everything they want and need for the coming year.

Children Fundraising Ideas Can Be Fun for Everyone

If you are trying to come up with appropriate children's fundraising ideas, it can be a daunting prospect.  This is especially true if you're dealing with younger children who may never have tried fundraising before, or who aren't quite old enough to understand all the financial concepts involved.  While you as the adult are the one who needs to be responsible for the fundraiser, that doesn't mean that the kids can't get excited about it or have an integral part in its success.  In fact, the best children's fundraising ideas are the ones where the youth of your fundraising team is used to your advantage, to help you do even better.

Cheap, Easy Fundraising Ideas for Moderate Goals

When you hear about fundraising, often it's in the context of large-scale operations.  Charities often launch huge fundraising campaigns that get entire cities involved, and of course that's a great way to raise money for a major cause.  But what if you're just one single person, looking to raise a moderate amount of money for an event, a trip or some equipment or supplies?  Finding cheap, easy fundraising ideas to help you out is not as difficult as you might think - in fact, some of the best and most effective fundraisers out there are the ones that work well with a small team or even just a single person.

Coming Up with Appropriate Charitable Fundraising Ideas

If you are raising money for a charitable foundation, coming up with the best and most appropriate charitable fundraising ideas is essential to your fundraising success.  Charities have an advantage in that people will usually be sympathetic to your cause, but of course in this economy many people are already stretched to the limit financially and you have to have to take a unique angle when coming up with charitable fundraising ideas in order to grab their attention and convince them that their donation dollars would be well spent on your charity.

School Carnival Fundraising Ideas

Hosting a school carnival is a great way to raise money for needed supplies, equipment, travel expenses, or to keep extra-curricular activities afloat.  Carnivals are always popular, and if you come up with some good carnival fundraising ideas, you're bound to make money while everyone attending has fun.  In order to make sure that you have the best carnival fundraising ideas possible, you need to take into consideration the people who will be attending, and your financial goals.  Having a successful carnival involves taking the care to make it fun for everyone involved.

Cute Fundraising Ideas for Kids

There's no getting around it - kids are cute, and when it comes to fundraising for schools or extra-curricular activities, using that cuteness to your advantage is definitely the way to go.  When you are trying to come up with cute fundraising ideas for kids, the trick is to think about what your supporters would love, and what kinds of people are most likely to respond to the children's need for assistance.  With the right fundraiser on your side, there are many cute fundraising ideas for kids to choose from that you're sure to have a good chance at success.

Corporate Fundraising Ideas for Your Office

If your office has taken on a cause for fundraising and you are in charge of organizing the fundraising effort, there is no cause for panic.  Corporate fundraising ideas are some of the easiest to implement, even if you have a large office, and the potential for great success is high.  Hosting effective corporate fundraising ideas is not so much about the ideas themselves, but more about  making sure that your fundraising teams stays motivated and focused on the goal.  The rest is up to them, and with the right techniques, just about any corporate fundraising ideas can work in your favor.

Cookbook Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

Churches need more and more money these days as funding options are becoming few and far between, but that doesn't mean you should despair if you need to make some extra cash for church supplies, new bibles or hymnals, or maybe choir robes.  There are a million different fundraisers out there, but cookbook fundraising ideas work particularly well in church settings, where families gather to be together.  A cookbook full of wonderful and personalized recipes is not only a beautiful thing for your congregation members to own, but cookbook fundraising ideas are also very effective to help you reach your financial goals.

Company Fundraising Ideas that Really Work

Some of the greatest fundraising power out there comes in the form of a corporate setting.  If you work in a large office or a small office within a larger organization, then you may already be able to see just how well company fundraising ideas could work.  Getting the entire office involved isn't always easy, but if you choose company fundraising ideas that appeal to a wide range of people, then you're very likely to get a good response and a positive outcome for your fundraiser.  This is by no means an exhaustive list of your options, but rather just a few ideas to get you started.

Coming Up with Good College Club Fundraising Ideas

College clubs have been having a rough time lately.  What with the economic situation being how it is, clubs not only have to rely on themselves to stay afloat, but they have an uphill battle, as well.  That doesn't mean you should lose hope if you're trying to come up with some good college club fundraising ideas - it just means you have to be creative and focus on what your club's strengths are.  With the right idea and a focused, enthusiastic team behind you, there's really no financial goal you can't meet with a little hard work.

Coffee Fundraising Ideas - Perfect for Winter

When the weather gets colder in the fall and winter, that's when people are most likely to turn to hot drinks to warm up.  This is what makes coffee fundraising ideas perfect for those colder months when other fundraising ideas may not work so well.  In order to run a successful coffee fundraiser, though, you need to aim it at the right people, and take the right attitude toward the task at hand.  If you understand everything that is involved, coffee fundraising ideas can be some of the most lucrative and successful fundraisers out there.

Cancer Research Fundraising Ideas for the Cause

Raising money for cancer research is a never-ending battle, and you can never make too much money for such a worthy cause. The upside to cancer research fundraising ideas is that people are almost always willing to support your efforts. With the cancer rate being one in three for women and one in two for men, most people know someone personally who has suffered a battle with cancer. While this is not happy news, it means that most people are sympathetic to the fact that much more money needs to be devoted to cancer research, and of course they want to help.

Super Easy Calendar Fundraising Ideas

Calendar fundraising ideas may seem old-fashioned to some, but they're still one of the most popular fundraisers out there, and your group can do really well if you go about things the right way. You might think that calendar fundraising ideas would not do well these days with everybody simply using the calendars on their phones or computers, but most people still prefer to hang the calendar in their kitchen or on the wall at their office for scribbling quick reminders or notes. Groups who do calendar fundraising tend to have good results, especially if they host their fundraiser in the fall when people are thinking about getting a calendar for the new year.

Brick Fundraising Ideas Get Your Supporters Involved

Most fundraising groups go with a product-based fundraiser. While it is certainly possible to do well with a product-based fundraiser, most people who are willing to support your cause are happy to give a donation without necessarily receiving anything. Brick fundraising ideas are a unique way that your supporters can get involved in fundraising without having to buy products they don't necessarily want. With a brick fundraiser, supporters can feel like they are being recognized for their generosity, and your group gets those all-important funds needed to reach your goal.

Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraising Ideas

Breast cancer awareness fundraising ideas might be easy to come by, but that doesn't mean that all breast cancer fundraisers are appropriate for your group. Choosing the right idea is essential if you want to meet your fundraising goals, and you must take many factors into consideration regarding your supporters, your participants, and the size of your group. The hard part about breast cancer awareness fundraising is that the process is ongoing and is never really finished. The good news, however, is that most people will be willing to help because chances are their lives have been touched by someone who has suffered from breast cancer.

Baseball Team Fundraising Ideas for Your High School

Baseball is one of the most popular and most rewarding sports for high school students to play. However, it is not the most inexpensive sport to play, and the cost of uniforms alone is staggering. Add to that the cost of equipment and travel, and you can see why baseball team fundraising ideas are necessary pretty much every season. The trick, of course, is coming up with appropriate baseball team fundraising ideas that aren't too tired or boring, and most importantly that will help your team reaches financial goals in the minimum possible time. We have some great fundraisers for high school teams, no matter how large or small your fundraising group is.

Some Softball Fundraising Ideas

Looking for some easy softball fundraisers that really produce great results? Here are three softball fundraising ideas to consider.

Putting together a fun event is one softball fundraiser that's always a big hit. Essentially, you are organizing a big party that in turn raises funds for your team or league.

Events can range from a Saturday afternoon get together such as a pig roast or cookout to a more formal affair such as catered dinner dance. Choose one that fits your style and budget and then set about lining up some fundraising activities to go along with it.

Fundraising Ideas - 5 Dependable Ways to Raise Money

Have you been agonizing over how to raise money for your charitable organization? Here are five dependable fundraising ideas:

1) Have a car wash. This is one of the cheapest fundraisers to setup because all you need is a busy corner and an ample water supply. Generally, gas stations like taking part in these fundraisers as they benefit in the added customer traffic coming in to purchase gas and other sundries. Then you just need some volunteers to hold up signs and wave cars into your car wash. These fundraisers work best on Saturdays or Sundays to take advantage of the busy weekend traffic.

Silly Fundraising Ideas

You want some silly fundraising ideas?

Well if you have chosen a tried and proven fundraising like a cookie dough fundraiser you can really improve sales by adding a couple of silly elements to your sale. For example:

How to Find the Best Fundraising Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to find the best fundraising ideas?

A long time ago the fundraising industry was dominated by outside sales people who brought their fundraising ideas to schools, sports leagues and other fundraising groups. But as time passed these commissioned only sales people limited themselves to PTA fundraisers or elementary school fundraisers and maybe even band fundraisers. They only called on those groups that were big enough to be worth their time and effort.

Get Started with Great Autism Fundraising Ideas

Raising money for autism charities is important and fulfilling work. Coming up with great autism fundraising ideas is the key to making the maximum amount of money possible for your charity. No matter what kind of autism fundraising ideas you are thinking about, we have a range of fundraisers that you will love. No matter what size your fundraising teams or what your financial goals are, we can help match you up with appropriate autism fundraising ideas that will work well for you. With profit margins ranging from 40% all the way up to 90%, large groups and small groups alike can benefit from these great fundraisers.

Easy and Effective Art Fundraising Ideas

Schools around the country are being hit hard by budget cuts, and usually art programs are the first thing to go. Art classes, while perhaps not strictly academic, are an important part of a child's development, as they encourage creativity and thinking outside the box. Art also give students an outlet for their ideas and self-expression, but with so little money to go around, many art classes in schools are facing extinction. If you want to take part in making sure your school's art department stays secure for the foreseeable future, we have some easy and effective art fundraising ideas to help keep art classes afloat.

Adult Fundraising Ideas Everyone Will Love

Coming up with adult fundraising ideas is not the same type of task as coming up with fundraising ideas for children. When children are your target market, fundraising can be quite straightforward. For example, it's a pretty safe assumption that most kids will like things like candy, chocolate, and cookie dough. With adult fundraising ideas, things can get a little more complicated. Choosing the right fundraiser is essential for meeting your goal, as you want to entice your supporters with products that they really want to buy. Depending on your group and its goals, we have adult fundraising ideas to suit every situation.

101 Fundraising Ideas to Get You Started

If your school group, sports team, charity, or faith-based group is looking for a fundraiser to help you reach your goals, we have 101 fundraising ideas to get you started. Whether you are looking for a direct sale fundraiser, a pre-sale fundraiser, or perhaps a fundraiser that is event-based, we can help you select the most appropriate ideas for your group and your financial goals. Enthusiasm and dedication are probably the most important factors in determining the success of your fundraiser, but choosing the right fundraising ideas that suit your group can make a difference between a fundraiser that is simply successful, and one that people remember for years to come.

Music Booster Fundraising Ideas

There are lots of music booster fundraiser ideas high school bands can consider.

Choosing the best music booster club fundraising idea, though, can be trickier than you think. Here are some thing to consider when choosing:

Cheap Fundraising Ideas

     If you are looking for a cheap fund raiser you need to define for yourself exactly what that means. Many people search for cheap and easy fundraiser ideas. We suggest, though, that people concentrate on profitability and affordability rather than cheap. Cheap and easy fundraisers may sound attractive but are not really the best criteria.

Is Cheap What You Want in a Fundraiser?

Great Fundraising Ideas

A great fundraising idea is one that your group is excited about and wants to succeed in. Determining a great fundraiser for your group is simple. You want to be sure that you motivate your group as much as possible to get the best results. Here are some excellent high profit fundraisers you may want to consider:

3 Great Fundraising Ideas for the Spring

If you are needing  to raise money for a summer trip, church camp or even prom, here are some great Spring Fundraising ideas:

1.    Flower bulb fundraiser – Everyone loves spring time and all the flowers. The flower bulb fundraising program has over 20 different bulbs to sell and your group receives 50% profit. This is a presell brochure fundraiser so you sell the bulbs and collect the money.

Volleyball Fundraising Ideas

When you review different volleyball fundraising ideas you might come to the conclusion that a pizza card fundraiser or even a pizza fundraiser at a local pizzeria might be two of the best options.

Pizza card fundraisers work well for just about every type of group. There's no reason they won't make your next volleyball fundraiser the most profitable ever. Here's how they work:

Little League Fundraising Ideas

Youth sports fundraisers can be painful for parents, so here are some easy baseball fundraiser ideas. Most Little League teams need to raise funds to cover expenses such as field maintenance, uniforms, umpires, etc. The money raised by selling advertising space at the ball fields and by doing the portrait fund raiser only goes so far.

Hospital Fundraising Ideas

    Hospitals are a place of many mixed emotions.  There is joy from those who are greeting a new arrival to their family for the first time and on an extreme flip side others are saying good-bye to the ones they have loved for so many years.  No matter the reason a hospital is visited, one thing is for sure, the care and love that is generally felt is incomparable.

    Hospitals run day and night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are never closed because of holidays such as Christmas or Labor Day.  There is so much that goes on that many people do not even realize that without the support of the public, the hospital doors would be closed.

Newest Fundraising Ideas

One of the newest fundraising ideas that groups are flocking to are those that are considered green fundraisers or earth friendly fundraisers.

There are a few options that fit those categories that are also brochure fundraisers which do not require any upfront payment. That makes these programs suitable for groups of all types and sizes.

Simple Fundraising Ideas

There are many simple fundraising ideas available to groups of all sizes. Fundraising ideas do not need to be complex to produce outstanding results. Here are a few simple fundraising ideas to consider:

Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

Christian churches serve by helping to strengthen people’s faith. This comes at a cost for most churches. There are building expenses, salaries, missions and supporting other local charities. For most churches there is a need to raise money through fundraisers. This can become a challenge year after year, trying to come up with new and innovative ideas. Here is a list of church fundraising ideas that are perfect for many congregations.

Healthy Fundraising Ideas? How About Discount Cards?

There are a lot of groups that look for healthy fundraising ideas. That request information and try to find healthier foods to sell and explore other options.

Looking for healthier fundraisers is definitely a good idea. But maybe you should not be looking at food fundraisers at all. Maybe there are a whole different group of fundraiser ideas that you should consider.

Fundraising Ideas for School

People are always looking for new fundraising ideas for schools. But quite often new ideas are not what's needed. Sometimes it's fundraising management.

Before spending time on fundraising ideas for schools you should analyse what you have been doing. Ask yourself the following questions:

Corporate Fundraising Ideas

Corporate fundraising ideas are a wonderful way for companies to add a level of fun and community spirit into the everyday working lives of their employees.  In fact, there are many ideas being used by varied companies and corporations across the world that have proven successful for raising funds for varied employee activities, sport teams and just general fun.

Best Breast Cancer Fundraising Ideas

The fight against breast cancer is undoubtedly one of my favorite causes.  It has been both my good fortune and curse to have met many families because of this scourge. I would like to cover some of the techniques use in breast cancer fund raising in this article.

Interesting Breast Cancer Fundraiser

Funny Fundraising Ideas

    There are thousands of fundraisers around the country that all have the same goal; make money.  These fundraisers can sell candy bars, cookies, or jewelry.  There is no limit to the possibilities of different fundraisers.  Selling cookies or candy may be perfect for one group, while it may not work for the other.  When looking for new fundraisers you want make sure that it will fit your club and be profitable.  There are many funny fundraiser ideas that have been both fun and profitable.  When a team or club uses their imagination to create a funny fundraiser it becomes something that they want to do instead of something that they have to do.

Fundraising Supplies

     You want to hold a fundraiser but you do not know what fundraising supplies you will need. That’s why you want to go to an experienced fundraising dealer like Fundraising Ideas. We supply all the fundraising supplies you will need for any of the different fundraising options we have.

Food Taste Fundraising Ideas

Take advantage of the love of food people have and look into food taste fundraisers. There is nothing like combining events people love to participate in along with your fundraising ideas. If you want one of the easiest food taste fundraisers, limit your sampling to only cookies made from frozen cookie dough that you can offer as an additional fundraiser. Here is how it might work: