Coffee Fundraiser and Tea
40% Profit

Coffee Fundraiser and Tea

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 40% YES
1 to 149 40% No

Coffee fundraisers have always worked well - especially in the fall and winter. Now we've added 7 great teas to this no upfront cost Fundraiser.

You will be selling 7 different coffee flavors and 6 different teas. The coffee is freshly roasted, ground and packed in vaccum sealed foil bags to insure freshness.

Pre sell your coffee for two weeks using the free brochures and order forms we will provide to you. Collect your money when pre selling so you can use the money you've collected to pay for your final order.

The coffee is roasted in Texas and then ground and bagged the same day we ship your order.



Coffee Fundraiser Benefits:

NO UPFRONT COST - We will give you all the marketing materials you need to start your fundraiser absolutely free of charge.
FREE SHIPPING - If you sell 150 items or more your shipping is absolutely free too.

Coffee Fundraising Step by Step:

  1. First you want to order a free brochure and order form for each member of your group.
  2. Your participants use that material and start to pre sell coffee and tea.
  3. When your sale is over gather everything together and tally the orders.
  4. You can use our online tools or simply call us with your bulk totals.
  5. We will then ship your product which you hand out to your participants.
  6. Spend your profits.

Placing Your Coffee Fundraising order:

After your sale is done you need to gather all the order forms and money collected. You then need to tally those orders together. We provide a great online tool to help you tally your orders or you can tally them yourselves with a spreadsheet.

Once you have tallied the orders you can place your order by calling us toll free or entering your order online through our fundraising coordinator dashboard.

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