Flower Bulb Fundraising
50% Profit

Flower Bulb Fundraising

Items Bought % Profit Free Shipping
150 plus 50% YES
1 to 149 50% No

Flower Bulb Fundraisers

If you've never held a Flower Bulb Fundraiser then you don't knoiw what you're missing.

Sell products people enjoy and are happy to purchase. There are 24 different flower bulb packages for your friends and family to choose from during your sale. We suggest you sell fundraising flower bulbs for 2 weeks using the free promotional materials we supply.

Your sellers collect money when pre selling. That way you can use the money you have collected to pay for your flower bulbs at the end of your sale if necessary. There is no cost to get started.

Your friends, neighbors and family will love the wide assortment of seasonal bulbs you are presenting.

You make 50% profit on every flower bulb sold. If your group sells more than 150 packages of bulbs we will pay for all shipping costs. Smaller orders are charged a $65 shipping fee.


Flower Bulb Fundraiser Benefits:

FREE SHIPPING - If you sell 150 items or more.

Flower Bulb Fundraising Step by Step:

  1. First you want to order a free brochure and order form for each member of your group.
  2. Your participants use that material and start to pre sell flower bulbs to friends and family.
  3. When your sale is over gather everything together and tally the orders.
  4. You can use our online tools or simply call us with your bulk totals.
  5. We will then ship your product which you hand out to your participants.
  6. Spend your profits.

Placing Your Flower Bulb Fundraising order:

After your sale is done you need to gather all the order forms and money collected. You then need to tally those orders together. We provide a great online tool to help you tally your orders or you can tally them yourselves with a spreadsheet.

Once you have tallied the orders you can place your order by calling us toll free or entering your order online through our fundraising coordinator dashboard.

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Smart Fundraising

Smart fundraising takes alot of research and help from your organization, if you are in charge of the fundraising aspect for your group.

Finding the great Fundraiser for your group can be a challenge but you can do it with lots of knowledge of what is available. Looking for different and the most popular fundraisers are a must.

Different fundraisers are flower bulb fundraisers, scented fundraising smencils, trees, scratch card fundraisders and Go Green programs.

Non Profit Fundraising with Flower Bulbs

A great way to raise money is with a Spring flower bulb Fundraiser. This is usually done as an order-taker sale from a brochure showing colorful pictures and descriptions of available flowers and plants.

You collect payment in advance, place your order, and arrange for pickup or home delivery when your supplier ships your group order. You can do a flower bulb fundraiser at any time of the year, but they work best in late Winter when people start thinking about their gardens and landscaping.

How Can I Do An Earth Friendly Church Fundraiser?

God gave the earth to man to watch over and to use as a resource.  With that in mind, a green fundraiser is a great idea for a church fundraiser. 

Instead of selling the traditional Fundraising Products like cookie dough, candy, or wrapping paper, your church can sell items that are good for your customers and good for the planet.  Some of the newest green Fundraising Ideas include flower bulb fundraisers, earth friendly fundraisers, tree fundraisers, shopping bag fundraisers, and healthy food fundraisers.

Flower Fundraisers

If you and your group are looking for a Fundraiser that is different than the usual cookie dough or wrapping paper sales, consider starting a flower bulb fundraiser. 

How It Works:  After receiving your free brochures and collection envelopes you and your group promote and sell the plant products offered in the Fundraising Program.  When you’re done, tally all of the order together and calculate the cost of all the flowers and plants.  Make sure you have all the money collected.  Send 50%, or half, of that amount to the fundraising company to pay for the products.

3 Great Fundraising Ideas for the Spring

If you are needing  to raise money for a summer trip, church camp or even prom, here are some great Spring Fundraising Ideas:

1.    Flower bulb fundraiser – Everyone loves spring time and all the flowers. The flower bulb Fundraising Program has over 20 different bulbs to sell and your group receives 50% profit. This is a presell brochure fundraiser so you sell the bulbs and collect the money.