Individual Fundraising Ideas

Individual Fundraising Ideas

We probably hear this question more than any other. Do I need to be part of a group to hold a fundraiser? The answer is an emphatic NO. More and more people are raising money on their own for various reasons. The next question is usually what are the best individual fundraising ideas? We offer a bunch.

We understand the needs of the individual. While we help thousands of groups raise money every year we also help thousands of individuals. So we can share individual fundraisers that have proven themselves successful. We understand you probably have little or no money to get started and you really need the highest profits possible.

On this page we provide a starting point to locate the best Individual fundraising idea for you. You will see some of the ideas that others have raised money with. If none of those appeals to you we invite you to browse through our website and check out all of our Individual fundraising options.

We have attempted to include Individual fundraising ideas that do not require any upfront money, others than offer extremely high profits and still others that have very low minimums.

If you don't find the perfect Individual fundraiser on this page then we invite you to continue to browse our website to look at other fundraising ideas or call one of our experienced sales specialists toll free and they can offer some other great insights for you.

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Individual Fundraising Ideas for College

If you're working on some sort of extracurricular activity or some other college project that requires money you don't have, don't despair - a lot of college students come up with Fundraising Ideas for college projects to help them reach their goals.  It's not difficult to come up with good fundraising ideas for college, but you do have to be willing to put in quite a lot of personal effort, especially if it's just you raising money on your own.  Nonetheless, no matter what your financial goals, you can just keep plugging away at your college fundraiser until you get the money you need.  Some fundraisers, however, will be better suited for you than others.