Smens Fundraising
50% Profit

Smens Fundraising

Cases Bought Cost Per Case Profit %
1 min $275.00 48%

Smens Fundraising - Recycled Smens Fundraising

Smencils have been one of our most popular and successful fundraisers. Now we want to introduce you to Smens!

Smens are scented pens made from the same recycled newspapers. Now pens don't have to be made from plastic that gets tossed into landfills. These pens are fun, scented and eo friendly.

We ship Smens in cases of 500. Each case you order actually contains 10 buckets of Smens with the following contents:

  1. 5 Creamsicle Smens
  2. 5 Pink Lemonade Smens
  3. 5 Red Licorice Smens
  4. 5 Banana Fo Fana Smens
  5. 5 Ninja Berry Smens
  6. 5 Aloha Smens
  7. 5 Mystery Scen Smens
  8. 5 Black Licorice Smens
  9. 5 Passion Fruit Smens
  10. 5 Mocha Smens

You can purchase as little as 1 case of Smens at a time. Shipping is FREE. You get 250 Smens in each case and you double your money on each Smens sold.


Smens Fundraising Benefits:

  • High Profits - 50% On Every Item Sold
  • Earth Friendly Items that Sell for $2

Smens Fundraising Step by Step:

  1. Determine how many Smens you think your group can sell
  2. There are 10 buckets per case and most groups require people sell 1 or 2 buckets
  3. Call us with your order or buy your Smens directly online
  4. When you receive your Smens give your sellers the product to sell
  5. You keep all the money collected. You will be selling each Smen for twice what you paid for it,
  6. If your Smens have sold very quickly reorder one or more cases and keep your Fundraiser going.

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